Overview of Pulau Kapas Island

Pulau Kapas Island
Kapas island is just 4 nautical miles from Marang. It's is an ideal place to break away and chill it out. Pulau Kapas is made up of two islands Pulau Gemia and Pulau Kapas. Pulau Kapas is about easy access, choices and plenty of bargain. Places to stay ranging from camping sites to dormitory to island resorts with en suite facilities. Only thing that never change on this island is the constant number of backpackers arriving and departing each day.

The reefs surrounding Pulau Kapas ranges in depth from 3-20 metres. It has good marine life and coral despite being located so close to the mainland (only 6km from the coastal village of Marang). Varieties of fish that can be seen here include Moorish idols, Wrasses, and Butterfly fishes.

The best time to go diving is between the months of May and October as the visibility is excellent. However, it is best not to visit the island between the months of November and February as it is affected by the northeast monsoon. There can be days when the rain is heavier than usual and the waves can get quite big.