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  3. REFUND We are dedicated to provide the best service to our members in MYEHO, however, due to unforeseen circumstances, there may be changes to your travel plans where you need to cancel your reservation. We provide refund for the cancellation follow the cancellation policy. The refund amount will only be credit into your account in form of credit point.One credit point represent One Ringgit Malaysia, the refund amount will be deducted 5% of the full reservation amount for our transaction and cancellation fee. The "Credit Point" below is based on the cancellation of a Product/Service worth RM 100.

    Days Before Product/Service Date Refund Percentage Credit Point
    More than 28 days 100%
    More than 14 days 80%
    More than 7 days 50%
    Less than or equal than 7 days No refund
    Note: Policy Also Subject to Change Due to Resort / Hotel / Supplier Cancellation Policy

    Days Before Product/Service Date Refund Percentage Credit Point
    More than 28 days 100%
    More than 14 days 80%
    More than 7 days 50%
    Less than or equal than 7 days No refund
    Note: Policy Also Subject to Change Due to Resort / Hotel / Supplier Cancellation Policy
  4. AUTOMATED CANCELLATION OF PRODUCTS/SERVICE In any case where a full payment is not received by MYEHO.com in any particular reservation made using our system prior to 10 days before departure, the reservation will be cancelled automatically.


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Please note that the booking and purchase of our products and services are subject to the following terms and conditions AND other terms imposed by our supplier(s) from time to time ("Supplier Terms").

By effecting a booking through these websites, you agree to be bound by MYEHO's Conditions of Purchase and the Supplier Terms.

  1. MEMBERSHIP You may only make bookings for our products and/or services upon registration as a member of MYEHO. Membership is not transferable but a member may make bookings on behalf of non- member(s).
  2. CHANGES TO RATES The rates quoted in respect of the products or service are subject to change without notice.
  3. VOUCHERS It is your responsibility to ensure that the details on your travel voucher are in order. You are liable for any additional charges arising from correction of any inaccuracies in the voucher.
  4. PAYMENT Payment may be made by online or offline settlement mode.
    You must make payment for the product or service IN FULL in the manner specified for your choice of mode by the indicated cut-off date (where applicable). The "cut-off date" varies for each product or service.
    If you fail to make full payment by the cut off date, your booking will be automatically cancelled.
  5. CURRENCY You may make payment in any one of the currencies supported on these websites. The applicable exchange rates of the supported currencies shall be determined at the sole discretion of MYEHO from time to time. The exchange rates so notified shall be final and is not negotiable.

  6. NO LIABILITY MYEHO merely acts as a platform for products and services of the suppliers and shall not be responsible nor liable for:
    1. Overbooking, misinformation or mishandling of any reservation or booking by the suppliers; or
    2. Any other dissatisfaction or complaint of the member relating to the quality of the products or services provided by the supplier or otherwise howsoever;
    3. Any damage or loss to your personal property or personal injury howsoever sustained or caused.
    4. In the event of mishandling, misinformation or overbooking by a supplier, or any other dissatisfaction or complaint aforesaid, the member should take up the matter directly with the supplier who is under an obligation to deal with such matters in accordance with MYEHO policies.

  7. TRAVEL REQUIREMENTS It is your responsibility to obtain a visa (where required). Please ensure you have a valid passport for the duration of your trip. If you require any further information on passport or visa requirements please refer to our website or contact our customer services department.

    Neither MYEHO nor the supplier shall be liable for damages of any kind arising out of changes to the rates, route, timetable, itinerary in respect of the product or service due to unforseen circumstances or circumstances beyond our control.

    The following terms are applicable to products and services other than airline tickets:

      For each request for a product or service submitted for confirmation, a processing fee of RM10.00 is chargeable. The processing fee :

      i) shall be off-set from your payment for the product or service in the following circumstances:
      - your request is confirmed; or
      - the alternative product or service proposed by MYEHO is accepted by you.

      ii) is non-refundable in the following circumstances:
      - you cancel your request;
      - the request is not available; or
      - the alternative product or service proposed by MYEHO is rejected or otherwise not accepted by you.

      All processing fees accumulated in respect of a reference number may be off-set from your payment in respect of that reference number only. Such fees may NOT be off-set from your payment in respect of other reference numbers.
      Where you request a product or service which is subject to confirmation, you irrevocably authorise MYEHO to automatically charge your credit card upon receipt of confirmation from the supplier of the product or service at the quoted rate.

      MYEHO will not automatically charge your credit card where there is a change in the rates quoted.

      All products and services offered on these websites are subject to availability and acceptance, at the discretion of the supplier of such product or service.

      In the event a product or service booked by you is not available, MYEHO shall use its reasonable endeavours to suggest an alternative product or service of similar pricing and quality.

      Where the product or service is either not available or our suggested alternative (where applicable) is not acceptable to you but is fully paid, we shall make a refund in accordance with our refund policy.

      If you fail to accept our suggested alternative product or service by the specified deadline, we reserve our right to cancel our tentative booking of the same.

      You may make changes to your itinerary for bookings that have not been fully paid. The processing fee for the first modification may be off-set against your payment for the product or service. The processing fee for subsequent modifications may not be off-set against your payment for the product or service.

      Once a booking has been fully paid, to change your itinerary, you must cancel your booking and make a new booking with the credit points credited to your account upon your cancellation based upon our refund policy.

      Refunds may be made by MYEHO in the following circumstances:

      i) the product or service fully paid for is not available and our suggested alternative is not acceptable to you; or
      ii) you cancel your booking within the time period stipulated in our travel voucher where refunds are available (the "Cancellation Period").

      Refunds shall be made:
      - in the case where a product or service fully paid for is not available and our suggested alternative (where applicable) is not acceptable to you, IN FULL in such manner as MYEHO may determine at its discretion;

      - in the case of a cancellation, ONLY in the form of Credit Points which shall be credited to the member's account. The amount refunded is dependent on the policies of the supplier. All cancellations are subject to a cancellation charge.

      Credit Points are neither redeemable for cash nor refundable through your credit/charge card.
      Upon termination of your account, all unused Credit Points shall be annulled and are not reclaimable upon your subsequent registration as a member of MYEHO