Senja Bay Resort

Pulau Perhentian Island, Terengganu
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Senja Bay offers calm and tranquility with spectacular sunsets, a perfect paradise for beach and nature lovers. This beautiful pristine resort features clean beaches, picturesque scenery, virgin rainforest and crystal clear turquoise-blue waters.

Hotel Overview

In the southern corner of Coral Bay lies Senja Bay Resort. A 50 room wooden building nestled on the hills lope between the blue sea and the green jungle. Built on 3 distinct levels and connected by wooden walkways, bridges and staircases.

The beachfront level has 10 air-conditioned rooms in 5 chalets, a dive shop, a karaoke room, a restaurant and a seminar room. The 2nd level has 26 air-conditioned rooms in 13 chalets and the 3rd level has 14 fan rooms in 7 chalets. All the rooms are the same 20’ x 20’ with an attached bathroom with water heater and toilet.

A unique 2 water system is used comprising well water for showering and washing with sea water for toilet flushing. The resort uses 2 diesel generators for electricity alternating every 12 hours.

All the rooms have splendid views of the sea and at sunset the higher you are the more spectacular is the view.

For nature lovers there is monitor lizards, Tokay gheckos and red tailed squirrels to spot.

The beach is peaceful and quiet, perfect for couples, honeymooners, families, team building and meetings.

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