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Pulau Tioman Island, Pahang
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The minang cove resort is an island treasure, featuring only 12 deluxe chalets and 3 traditional Malay villas. All our elegant guest rooms have balconies with breath taking sea views. They are nestled between lush tropical gardens and unspoiled rain forest. We invite you to create lasting memories in this idilic secluded paradise.

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The minang cove resort is an island treasure, featuring only 12 deluxe chalets and 3 traditional Malay villas. All our elegant guest rooms have balconies with breath taking sea views. They are nestled between lush tropical gardens and unspoiled rain forest. We invite you to create lasting memories in this idilic secluded paradise. Our restaurant serves local and western foods. We are proud to say our kicthen for 2013 will be run by Malaysia Executive Chef, Steven Wong with 30+ years in the Catering and Hospitality Industry. Come and experience our warm and friendly Malay Hospitality.

A stunningly scenic island off the coast of Malaysia and washed by the South China Sea lies Tioman Island. This, the largest and most spectacular of Peninsular Malaysia's east coast islands is only 39 km long and 12 km wide. Tioman has glorious beaches in true isolation, clear waters and beautiful coral appealing to snorkelling and diving enthusiasts but its additional attraction is the diversity of constrasts - high mountains and dense jungle are only a short walk from the shore. As an indication of the islands abundant natural beauty, it's generallu regarded as the setting for the mythical Bali Hai in the film South Pacific.

Our fully equipped dive centre has snorkels, masks and fins for hire. Ask our diving instructor to help you with sizes, tips on where to spot certain marine life and any other water related questions you may have.

You can see plenty by swimming around the end of our jetty. Clown fish, Juvenile Barracuda, colourful Parrot fish, Rabbit fish…the list is endless. Time it right, and you may catch a glimpse of a Hawksbill Turtle!

We can also arrange to take you out on a snorkelling trip to one of the other areas around Tioman, enabling you to take in as many of the varied diving and snorkelling sites as possible during your stay.

For those who love to dive, our instructor can organise trips catered to your ability and any specific interests you may have. From our own dive off the jetty to a ancient fishing boat which is now home to hundreds of schools of small fish, porcupine fish, moray eels, batfish and stunning fan coral, to the small rocky island ‘Jahat’. There you can see imposing groups of Bumphead parrot fish, large groups of Jacks, turtles, and even the occasional Black-Tip Reef shark.

If you haven’t taken the first step to diving yet, try our Discover Scuba Experience. You will be taught the basics to enable you to do a short trial dive around our House Reef, and introduced into the fascinating underwater world.

To take it further, you can start with your Open Water Course. We provide all the equipment you need to set you on the road for a lifetime of amazing experiences, and you can take all the courses right through to Dive Master.

Children aged 8 plus can try the Bubble Maker course, or go for a 20minute fish-feeding session off the end of our jetty.

Snorkelling or diving lures you into a completely different world to the one we live in, and a very sensitive one. Moving a shell from its home, or trying to pick up coral, can have a big impact on even the tiniest marine life. Try to be aware of where you stand, and as tempting as it can be, please leave shells, coral etc where you find it!

During 2009, we are establishing our own ‘Artificial Reef’ to promote new corals around the area. We also organise ‘Clean Ups’ – specific diving trips to pick up any fishing wire and nets, metal and general rubbish that is floating about in the water or caught and damaging corals.


For those who want to explore, the trek from Minang Cove to the waterfall is a must. A 45 minute walk will lead you through undisturbed primary jungle and across three deserted sandy beaches until you reach Mukut.

Mukut is a traditional Malay fishing village, where you can stop and have a simple lunch and cool off with a drink. Take your time walking through the village - there are some great photo opportunities and beautiful views of the twin peaks - before setting off for the final stretch to the waterfall. The walk from Mukut is a concrete path the rest of the way, so it is very easy to follow. The path up to the waterfall is shaded by towering trees, and you can hear many different tropical birds calling from the canopy. Look out for the Giant Squirrel – the largest species in the world found only on Tioman. Once you reach the waterfall, you can take a dip in the large pool at the very top, so don’t forget your bathing suit and a towel!

If you would like to be picked up from the jetty by the waterfall or in Mukut instead of walking back, please arrange a time with us before you leave. We usually recommend a total time of 3 1/2hours, one way.

If you prefer something a bit more leisurely, the Berjaya resort has a stunning golf course. This 18 hole course is a 20 minute boat ride from here, and we will drop you off and pick you up. All equipment (including buggies) can be hired at the Berjaya, so let us know the day before and we can arrange this for you.

Time will pass quickly here as you test your golfing skills on this challenging course, surrounded by lush jungle and with the sea only metres away.

If you would like to see more of the island and buy a few souvenirs before heading home, a Round Island trip is the perfect solution. Weather permitting, in one of our two speed boats we will take you to all the main points of interest on Tioman, leaving just after breakfast and returning in time for tea. From the long sweeping beach at Juara, to the busy main village of Tekek, you can spend as much or as little time as you like at each stop.

There are great places for taking photos of the dynamic scenery around the island, and fantastic snorkelling spots, so all you need to do is let us know what you would like to do and we will get everything ready for you. All you need to do is enjoy your island experience!

If you have any other queries concerning any snorkelling, diving or other activities, please come to the bar and we will do our best to answer any of your questions.


The environment…
Tioman Island is a registered marine park, and we do what we can to protect as much of the underwater life as possible. The same goes for the wildlife on the island itself.

We encourage all our guests to help – even the smallest gesture counts.

We regularly walk the path to Mukut and collect any rubbish we find to keep the area tidy, so please throw any litter you may have into the bins you see along the path or take an empty bag with you. Tioman has a huge variety of animal life; the most spotted are monkeys, monitor lizards, mouse deer, flying lemurs, giant squirrels and many more beautiful creatures. Venture into the jungle after dark, and you may even spot a Loris! However, if we don’t look after the natural habitat, over time, these creatures may become extinct.

While out diving or snorkelling, take memories with you, and leave only bubbles! Don’t leave any rubbish laying where it could get blown into the sea. Be aware of how fragile the coral is while you are out swimming – it’s beautiful to look at, but please don’t try to take any with you and please be aware of where you stand!

It’s tempting to pick up shells or coral while in the water, or if you are lucky enough to spot a turtle to reach out and touch it, but these can have a negative impact on the sea life. We also arrange ‘Clean Ups’ to spend some time every month removing any rubbish we find while diving. The underwater world is a mystical and beautiful one – lets all work together to keep it that way.

All our laundry is done using cold water to keep from using unnecessary energy. By turning off your lights and air-conditioning when you leave your room, you can do your bit too.

All cans, plastic bottles and glass get recycled on a monthly basis, and any bio-degradable food we have left is a treat for the fish! Head down to the end of the jetty after dinner each evening, and keep your eyes peeled…you may be in for a surprise!

The staff at Minang Cove all wish you to have a memorable stay with us, and if you need anything during your stay, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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